Decking sheet constitutes an efficient and durable floor deck alternative, given their ribs, embossment, and capabilities to easily bind with the concrete slab and blend to form a part of the floor structure. Besides, a decking sheet helps you save on many costs, which includes a significant reduction in the concrete quantity.

As one of the leading decking sheet manufacturers in India, Indian Prefabs offers a range of efficient and durable decking sheet products to ensure sustainable and optimized application.

RMR 44/130 Deck, RMR 75/ 200 Deck, RMR 61/ 670 Deck, RMR 52/ 242 Deck , RMR 80/ 600 Deck

Advantages of Decking Sheets

Decking sheets offer a lot of operational, strategic, and economic advantages in the long run. Some of them include the following.

The tensile steel for composite slab construction reduces the slab thickness and deadweight of the building, thereby reducing the construction cost significantly.

Using decking sheets expedites the pace of construction.

Decking sheets are suitable for up to a four-meter space. Hence, it reduces the quantity of steel required during construction.

Deck sheets are strong and durable. It does not twist and warp over time.

The sheets offer resilience towards moisture built-up and weather damage.

The sheets work as a composite member and permanent shuttering. Hence, in multilayer/ multi-floor construction, the sheet does not require any external or additional support.

The sheet provides the widest cover per weight of steel and reduces the reinforcement requirement.