Sheet metal flashings refer to thin pieces of metal that are waterproof and fixed in place to prevent the penetration of water into a structure. In modern buildings sheet metal flashings are installed to lessen water passage around objects such as door openings, chimneys, windows, walls, and vent pipes.

Indian Prefabs offer a complete range of Roof flashings and trims.

These include Roof Flashing, Trims, Ridge Capping, Corner Flashing, Drip Flashing, Eaves Flashing, Insulated Gutters and Single Skin Gutters.

It is important that these are versatile and practical, but perhaps the ability to enhance the appearance of any building is of prime concern.

To obtain prices or order any roof and wall cladding flashings, please supply a sketch similar to those shown below, including all dimensions and angles.

Single Skin Roofing, Corner Flashing, Apron Flashing, S Type Louvers, Eaves Gutters, Eves Flashing, Gutter Flashing, Wall Flashing, Valley Gutters, North Light Curve, Barge Boards (Gabel End Flashing), Cladding Bottom Flashing, Cap flashing, Expansion Joint In Two Piece