Frequently Asked Questions

Pre Infrastructure Building basically refers to the method of manufacturing different components for a building, transferring them to the construction site and assembling the components to set up a building. The traditional method of setting up an industrial sector is things of the past. These building are most suitable alternative to the age old conventional building structures

We provide complete package at your site from a single supplier as a fully finished product. This includes designing, manufacturing, and supply of PEB components like structural steel cladding system and building accessories along with complete erection at site. It results in faster and simpler site erection for your project as it involves just bolting together the various building components as per the erection drawings provided. No site fabrication or welding is involved. ARMOUR PEB help you to save construction time for you but at the same time provides supplier quality compared to conventional steel construction.

These buildings can be delivered anywhere as it has nut bolt system for each joints.

Yes, since the building is site assembled by bolting, it is possible to dismantle and rebuild at a new location. The cost benefits have to be worked out on a case-by-case basis which would depend on size, complexity and distance at new location.